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A brand new Sexy Collection 2in1

The pigments can be used for both Shading & Hair-stroke techniques

YC Charming pigment is continuously the driving force in the revolutionary of permanent makeup pigments. Our pigment not only passess all the health and safety guidelines but it's also a 100% ORGANIC & VEGAN FRIENDLY. 

SAFETY & QUALITY are our main priorities in creating a product for our clients. 

YC Charming pigments are developed and manufactured in the United States

Benefits of Using YC Charming:

  • Zero animal products (never tested on animals).
  • Super reliable and safe for skin.
  • Longer lasting pigments and Better color vibrancy.
  • A massive color retention (over 90%).
  • Color stability and super concentrated after the healing process.
  • Variety of colors for different skin tones.
  • Avoid ashy and gray fading after years.
  • Can be used to cover any old and faded permanent makeup