Permanent Makeup is increasingly popular and surely it is no stranger in the field of cosmetic tattoo spraying. This is the best method for those who want a natural and soft eyebrows. However, not everyone is sure how to take care for eyebrows after implementing permanent makeup services. Because if only proper care is taken, it will keep its durability and promote the beauty of those eyebrows.
As a professional beauty technician, in addition to creating beautiful products, you also need a clear and detailed guide for customers on the aftercare process.Book an appointment with Ngoc Yen Cao using Setmore

Yen would like to share with you the following steps to care for your skin:

  • On the first 7 days after going through the process of cosmetic tattooing, the customers should not let the skin comes into direct contact with water, soap, skin care cosmetics or cosmetics of any kinds. Instead of washing the face, you should advise the clients to use a gentle cleanser or towel to clean the parts around the treated areas to limit the impact on the skin.
  • After that first 7 days, clients can take the next steps to clean and properly care for the treated area. The first important thing is to always clean and sanitize the hands. Only then, begin to gently apply a thin layer of moisturizer (once a day), in the evening before bed.
  • However, the most important thing is to let the treated area heals by itself. By then the dark color will gradually peel off and it will definitely give a beautiful result

Things You Should Know Before And After Permanent Makeup Services:

  • The whole process of skin restoration will usually take 4 - 6 weeks, depending on each person's recovery. Your new treated areas will undergo several different stages in the recovery process. After recovery, it will give our clients a natural look.
  • In some cases, after undergoing skin restoration, your skin will have a lighter color. This can make you think that colors fade too fast. Even when taking care carefully, customers still can lose some of the original lines and uneven colors. However, this is perfectly normal, that's why most customers need to get touch up after the first 6 weeks.
  • When the skin recovery process begins, you will begin to see phenomena such as dandruff or dry skin. However, this is only the outer part, and the natural dry skin will peel off. After the cos­metic tattooing process for about 30 days, you will see the final result.
  • Please avoid any strong impact on the treated area because it will affect and slow down the recovery process of the skin.
  • Once restored, customers should apply a thin layer of SPF 30 or SPF 50 sunscreen to avoid direct sunlight. Because the sun can make color pigments fade away faster. And when using foundation cream, you need to avoid the treated area because it will give a lighter look.
  • Finally, after going through all these processes, you can show off a brand new look comfortably.

General Tips & Warning:

  • During the first 7 days, please avoid the following: "direct exposure to the sun, swimming in public, intense workout that involves lots of sweating, any makeup over the treated area, and skin light or facial therapy".
  • DO NOT use any lasers or heavy light treatment on the treated area to avoid changing colors and skin damage.

Wipes Aftercare:

Wipes After Care are wipes containing formulation designed for easy removal of lymph. It prevents formation of scabs that can affect pigments negatively. 


  • There are 5 wipes in the package. Simply cut your wipe in half that can be used twice a day (morning & night).
  • Gently use a wipe to clean thoroughly on the treated area. Please do not stretch the skin while wiping.
  • After the first 5 days then you can start to apply a thin layer of Skin Cream (comes with the package).
  • For dry and normal skin: apply the cream twice a day.
  • For oily skin: only apply the cream when you feel stretching of the skin.


  • A non-refundable deposit is required to schedule your appointment at the time of scheduling. The deposit will be credited toward the procedure fees on the day of your appointment.
  • Balance is due the day of your procedure. At Modern Artistry PMU, we accept Cash, Debit or Credit Cards, and Venmo as forms of payment.
  • Any client that does not show up for a scheduled appointment will forfeit their deposit and will be required to pay 50% for any future appointments, prior to their scheduled appointment. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • NO MINORS under the age 18 are allowed to receive permanent makeup services.
  • If you have a previous Brows Tattoo, then you MUST send a clear photo of your current brows to be Approved by Grand Master Yen before scheduling your appointment. 
  • 48-hour Notice is required in order to reschedule any booked appointment. 

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