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Grand Master Yen Cao

Master Yen Cao is the Owner & Founder of Modern Artistry PMU. She is an amazing artist in every single aspect of the PMU world. She has been applying her wonderful skills to the art of PMU for over a decade. She has trained and continuous learning with a lot of world-renowned Masters in the world throughout her career. Through her artistic knowledge and the experience that she has acquired from international courses, Master Yen Cao has created and perfected her unique techniques with the extreme effects of naturalism.

Senior Worker - Ruby Vo

Ruby comes with an extraordinary experience. At the age of 16, she embarked on a journey that would culminate in a career in the beauty industry, and be tutored in cosmetology by Grand Master Yen Cao. This training grew to become a love of eyebrow artistry, skincare and makeup artistry as well as to assist women to look and feel beautiful. Ruby's expertise in eyebrow services led to a very loyal client following with a special nickname of 'Eyebrow Fairy'. Continuing her education and knowledge in the fields of permanent makeup, led to her becoming an expert brow artist, assistant trainer to both fellow staff members and clients.

Senior Worker - Nikky Vuong

Nikky joins Modern Artistry PMU with an extensive experience in permanent makeup, eyelash extensions, massage and skincare services. Clients adore Nikky because of her super sweet personality, her willingness to ensure that each individual feels like a princess and her "magic touch" while performing beauty services. Nikky possesses certifications in eyelash extensions, permanent makeup and skincare technician. She continues to grow and extend her beauty expertise by taking advanced permanent makeup courses and certifications. 

Senior Worker - Hanna Truong

To those of you who haven't met me before, my name is Hanna. I am a permanent makeup artist here at Modern Artistry PMU for the past 2 years. I am licensed and certified in permanent makeup. With a perfectionist at heart, I aim to make each of my clients look and feel their absolute best! Not only do I enjoy creating beautiful brows, but I equally love correcting brows that have been done elsewhere and left the client far from happy. Be assured, I strive hard to exceed your expectations.

Senior Worker - Hanh Nguyen

Trained by the Grand Master Yen Cao, Hanh is an eyebrow artist who specializes in Ombré Brows. Hanh is passionate about art and views each eyebrow service as a live masterpiece. Hanh has a keen eye for design and passion for enhancing natural beauty. Hanh has helped many clients achieve their desired results and truly understands the power of an eyebrow. Whether you are looking to create more volume, add definition, change or improve your brows shape, Hanh will have you covered

Junior Worker - Jeida Ostrowski

Trained by the Grand Master Yen Cao and graduated from Modern Artistry PMU, Jeida has become a certified professional Brows Artist. She loves what she does because she is able to help people match the way that they feel inside to the way that they feel on the outside. Jeida's experience with permanent  makeup has transitioned well into the wonderful permanent makeup career. She is working hard every day and planning to pursue higher education with international training.

Junior Worker - Chau Vo

Trained by the Grand Master Yen Cao and Chau is our newest member at Modern Artistry PMU. With a beauty heart and an angel smile. She is working hard to pursue her academic education along with the passion for permanent makeup. Currently she is mastering her skill with Eyelash Extension. When working on clients, you can rest assured that Chau is devoting to exceed any expectation that you may have. 

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